By Keith Hackett

11th Oct, 2021 | 8:30pm

Ex-Premier League referee: Klopp should be visited by 'footballing authorities' after Liverpool reveal

The “footballing authorities” should visit Liverpool and get Jurgen Klopp’s opinion on Premier League refereeing, according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-FIFA and Premier League referee delivered his verdict after Klopp revealed he wanted to see a major VAR change.

The Liverpool boss told This Is Anfield last week (October 6) he wanted VAR to move away from the “clear and obvious” definition because a decision is either right or wrong.

Hackett admitted he shared the German’s view and those in charge should listen.

He told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley: “He’s one of the world’s best managers and has got a huge personality. His relationship with the fans at Anfield is as good as any, it’s like Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley.

“The game has to listen carefully to what he’s saying and I share some sympathy with his view. If we’re getting VAR to advance, we should look at other areas VAR can come into to avoid errors.

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“I think it’s a stone throw on a pond that ought to cause a ripple with those in charge of the laws of the game and in charge of VAR.

“I think he’s right that clear and obvious error needs to move towards right and wrong. One of the difficulties there is sometimes the laws in the game are subjective, that’s where the flaw is in his argument. He’s thinking outside the box.

“It’s a natural evolution. It’s not re-refereeing decisions but gaining accuracy. This is about seeing the incident. I’ve analysed mistakes that have happened because the referee has not seen the incident and here we’ve got a guy sat in front of the screen who can say ‘That’s a foul’. The referee could go back and say ‘I don’t think it was’, this is a verbal relationship that could exist like it does between a referee and their assistant.

“It’s really great that a manager of such substance should be making his observations known because he’s at the coalface. As a result, his contribution is a positive one and should be listened to and discussed.

“If that means the footballing authorities go and visit Anfield and say ‘Can we have a couple of hours to discuss your view?’. That’s where football has to go, it has to include the stakeholders when talking about the laws of the game and how they are changed and applied.”

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