By Keith Hackett

5th Oct, 2022 | 7:03am

Ex-Premier League referee 'shocked' after confirmed Everton news via BBC

Keith Hackett has admitted he was “shocked” after the FA fined Everton £300,000.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee insisted the authorities should be praised for dealing with Everton in a strong manner.

BBC Sport reported last week (30 September) that the FA had slapped Everton with a fine after the pitch invasion that followed their win over Crystal Palace at the end of last season.

Fans invaded the Goodison Park pitch after a 3-2 win secured the Toffees’ Premier League status.

The FA claimed fans used “threatening and violent behaviour” while the club admitted they failed to control the crowd.

“It’s not a small fine,” Hackett told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

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“There’s no question that this is an area of control that is difficult to achieve for a football club.

“How many police and how many stewards can you actually have around the ground to prevent pitch invasions? It’s really difficult.

“What they’ve done is, get the tennis ball and bounce it back over the net. The authorities have said ‘You, Mr. Football Club are responsible. You resolve the issue. What we are going to do is fine you’.

“These are large amounts, there is no question. Even I was a little bit shocked when I saw £300,000.

“This is a very, very clear message that is coming out of football.

“I think they should be complimented for saying ‘You have a responsibility to look after the people inside the stadium and the players’.

“We saw Patrick Vieira last year almost being assaulted and having to take evasive action. He always gives me the impression that he’s 7ft high because he’s got a huge personality and a huge presence.

“I think they are spot on.”

In other news, Everton do not expect a big-name loanee to play for them again.