Aston Villa ace Mings guilty of 'red card offence' as Spurs footage emerges

By Keith Hackett

11th Apr, 2022 | 1:07pm

Ex-Premier League referee: Tyrone Mings guilty of 'red card offence' as controversial Aston Villa footage analysed

Tyrone Mings was lucky to avoid a red card as Aston Villa were hammered 4-0 by Tottenham on Saturday (9 April), according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee claimed Mings could have been sent off for grabbing Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg by the throat.

As shown by the Sky Sports game replay, the 29-year-old held his opponent after committing a foul on Dejan Kulusevski in the 19th minute.

He somehow avoided a yellow card for both the foul and his reaction.

“Mings is a serial offender,” Hackett said after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“I can’t understand why his boss, Steven Gerrard who himself was a hairy challenger at times, doesn’t have a quiet word. Mings, at some point, is going to get caught out.

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“On the face of it, he’s kept low so it’s reckless. It’s not a red card because he’s low with his feet and he’s not gone towards the knee or shin area. I’m giving him a yellow card.

“He’s lucky that he’s kept low but it’s still reckless as he’s coming in with some degree of force.

“His reaction is almost a signal that he’s got something wrong. The referee ignores it all, ignores the push on his opponent and just gives the free kick.

“If you put your hands in the face of an opponent, that is effectively a red card offence. A player can’t put his hands on the face or neck of an opponent. This is another reaction he has to take care of.

“If I’m the referee, I’m giving a yellow card for the challenge and warning him about the shove.”

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