By Alex McLeish

5th Sep, 2022 | 1:16pm

Expert issues 'devastating' Rangers verdict as Celtic controversy analysed

Rangers are to blame for conceding Leil Abada’s first goal against Celtic on Saturday (3 September), not the referee.

That’s according to ex-Gers boss Alex McLeish, speaking exclusively to Football Insider after a dismal Old Firm showing.

Rangers were beaten 4-0 at Celtic Park as they fell five points behind the league leaders.

James Tavernier was caught sleeping in the opening stages as they complained to the referee about what they believed to be the incorrect awarding of a Celtic throw-in.

Meanwhile, Celtic played on and scored the opener through Liel Abada.

McLeish insists it is the players who should take the blame, not the referee.

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“That is basic,” McLeish told Football Insider’s Ben Wild.

“When I go back to my days under Alex Ferguson, whenever we would go to Ibrox or Celtic Park the first thing he said was to do everything at speed.

“Throw-ins, free-kicks, take them quickly. Because those clubs will expect you to come and waste time. We can surprise them by doing the opposite of that.

“You saw that Rangers switched off for a second or two and it turned out to be fatal, leading to that Celtic goal.

“These are things that you try and put into players’ heads when they are younger, awareness. Be aware of what is going on about you.

“Ok, even if it isn’t a throw-in to you, get back, get organised and make sure nothing happens. The consequences are devastating and that is unfortunately what happened.

“Again, they have to say these are things we have to improve on. They have to look back at the video again, it will be painful but then you can say, ‘I will never do that again’.

“Rather than seeing the negative, do the positive. On the day, Celtic were absolutely on fire.”

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