By John Wenham

6th Oct, 2022 | 12:30pm

Expert 'sure' Tottenham set to agree '£500m' deal after official news

Tottenham have moved one step closer to securing a stadium naming rights deal after announcing a partnership with Coca-Cola.

That is according to Spurs insider John Wenham, who regularly breaks news about the club on his Lilywhite Rose social media channels.

On 29 September, Tottenham announced an official partnership with soft drink giant Coca-Cola.

On 5 March, Football Insider revealed Tottenham’s stop-start attempts to secure a naming rights deal for their stadium had taken a new step with talks held over an agreement worth up to £500million.

Wenham claims a naming rights deal in next in the pipeline.

“Huge credit to Todd Kline for securing that deal with Coca-Cola,” Wenham told Football Insider correspondent Ben Wild.

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“I noticed Liverpool also announced a partnership with Coca-Cola on the exact same day so it is obviously where Coke were looking to get involved with a few Premier League clubs.

“I am always pleased when clubs want to partner up with Tottenham. We are a great outlet for promoting brands all around the world.

“It also helps to increase the global standing of Tottenham. It’s more money into the club, I just wonder how our friends at Monster Energy feel as our official drinks partner.

“Maybe this deal with Coca-Cola could affect that. For me, it’s the more the merrier with partnerships and sponsorships.

“I have raised this with the club in the past, when you look at the sites of the other “big six”, Man United and Liverpool have 31 or 32 sponsors, at the time I mentioned it to the club we had about 18 or 19.

“I thought our social and marketing teams could be doing more to bring Tottenham in line with those other clubs and it looks like they are.

“Hopefully there are more to come along with the stadium naming rights deal which I’m sure Todd Kline will secure.”

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