By Dr Dan Plumley

15th Nov, 2022 | 5:24am

Finance expert issues 'absolutely phenomenal' claim after world-record Man City development

Man City deserve an enormous amount of credit for their “absolutely phenomenal” financial results.

That is the view of finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about City’s financial results for the 2021-22 season that made them the “highest revenue generating club in the world”.

Man City confirmed last week (7 November) that they had posted record revenues of £613million and record profits of £41.7million for last season.

It is the first time they have posted results since stadiums returned to capacity following the pandemic.

It was also the season in which City signed Jack Grealish from Aston Villa for a club-record £100million and handed him an extraordinarily lucrative six-year contract.

“What’s clear here is this is being driven by the commercial income,” Plumley told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

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“If you look at where that has gone in the last few years, even since the last non-covid impacted financial year, the club have managed to grow commercial income by 43 per cent to around €365million.

“That’s a phenomenal amount whichever way you look at it, in light of where the industry has been in the last couple of years.

“Despite the narrative around their ownership structure and potentially in the past how that has been driving some of the numbers as well, you have to view that as a major success for the club.

“It’s record revenue, the highest revenue generating club in the world.

“What City have done in that commercial space, while the market has stalled a little bit over the last couple of years and other clubs have lost ground, they’ve just accelerated away. They’ve got an absolutely phenomenal commercial strategy to do that as well.

“What we often forget is, when looking at profit, it’s not just the money coming in, there are costs as well. They’ve established costs over the last couple of years.

“They’ve been well placed to do that because of the position the team has been in but you’ve got other clubs around them that have invested.

“Man United went big in the transfer market, other clubs have spent quite heavily and increased wages and costs. City have been able to stabilise and that contributes to the bottom line figure as well.

“Where that team has grown over the last four or five years is phenomenal whichever way you look at it.”

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