Keith Hackett has called on the FA to introduce a review panel to hand out retrospective action on divers after what he’s seen from Harry Kane at Tottenham.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Premier League and FIFA referee hailed the England captain’s actions as “clever” but insisted they need to be stamped out of the game.

The 27-year-old has been criticised this season after going unpunished for backing into defenders when going up for headers.


Hackett wants a three-person panel to dish out yellow cards retrospectively for the likes of Kane, Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish.

He told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley: Kane‘s an outstanding forward, let’s make no mistake, this guy can play.

“He’s got craft about him, he knows when to make contact with his opponent and how to make clever contact. This is often when before the ball arrives, it’s just a nudge and it distracts the player just enough. It’s clever and he gets away with it. 

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“The other side of it, is if he doesn’t think he has a chance to shoot and the ball comes in at pace into the penalty area, he’s looking for contact and if he gets that contact he’s going down.

“There are several players that go to ground easily. Harry Kane, Jack Grelaish, Raheem Sterling. As fans we know them, as referees we know them.

“The only way you can prevent the actions cascading down to grassroots football is to apply the appropriate sanction which is a yellow card. 

“We’ve seen incidents this year where referees wave away a penalty call and play continues and there’s no action. The referee can still go to them and caution them for simulation but they don’t.


“I like the Scottish FA where some years ago they said they were going to retrospectively punish these players. For me, I think the English FA, although they don’t like re-refereeing situations, if we’re to rid the game of this damaging action that damages the image of the Premier League, we’re not the only competition that has it, I think retrospective action has to come into play.

“A panel, that contains a player, a manager and a referee can sit down every Monday and the appropriate sanction then it’s something that will benefit the game.”

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