By Connor Whitley

22nd Mar, 2021 | 4:30pm

Hackett: Edouard 'lucky' not to be sent off and banned for what he did against Rangers

Keith Hackett has insisted Odsonne Edouard was a “lucky boy” not to receive a second yellow card and a ban for deceiving the referee in the Celtic draw against Rangers.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Premier League referee praised Willie Collum for giving the Frenchman a caution for trying to deceive him in the first half but questioned why he did not show him a second yellow towards the end of the game.

Rangers defender Borna Barisic challenged Edouard in the first half but the Celtic striker was adjudged to have dived and shown a yellow card.

With the scores level in the 75th minute, the 23-year-old came together with Filip Helander as a cross came in.

The incident was waved away by Collum and the game continued with nobody penalised.

Asked for his assessment of the incident, Hackett told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley: “Ooh, that’s a dive, isn’t it. That’s an exaggeration.

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“Yes, I think he’s a lucky boy – he’s not learning is he?

“He’s attempting to deceive the referee and there’s no question. In this one, he’s not deceived him. The referee’s not bought it.

“The one thing that pleases me to some degree is that referees are stronger on simulation in Scotland than in England.

“Often we see referees in England awarding a penalty kick because the player has gone to ground easily. That for me is a weakness whereas for me Willie Collum has shown a degree of strength but he’s not given the second one and that’s the pressure one. If you’ve done the first one…

“I’m clear that the second one is an act of simulation and a difficult one for the referee because he’s already cautioned him but if the referee is to be consistent and have the courage, then that’s what you have to have.

“But at the same time, ultimately at the end of the day, the referee has to be certain it was an act of simulation. Contact does take place in football without it being a foul and that’s probably what he’s thought.

“In his own mind, the referee’s probably thought ‘Contact, but not an act of simulation trying to deceive me’. But from my point of view, sat watching the clip, that player’s tried to deceive the referee. Why else would he go to ground?”

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