By Keith Hackett

30th Aug, 2021 | 6:00pm

Hackett unhappy with Liverpool VAR blunder after news via BBC

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is right to suggest Anthony Taylor should have reviewed a video and not a still image when he decided to send Reece James off against Liverpool.

That is according to ex-FIFA and Premier League referee Keith Hackett, speaking exclusively to Football Insider after Tuchel questioned the VAR process that saw Chelsea give away a penalty in their 1-1 draw at Anfield.

The ball struck James’ arm when he was stood on the goal line after a shot from Sadio Mane.

The incident was missed by Anthony Taylor but he was told to review it on the pitchside monitor.

After viewing a still image and not a video he decided to send James off and award the hosts a penalty.

Speaking to the BBC’s Match of the Day programme, Tuchel questioned why he did not watch the footage back.

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And while Hackett agreed with the German’s point, he insisted a video would not have changed the decision.

He told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley: “Ultimately at the end of the day, the judgement here is that the action of the arm of James was a deliberate action. You can’t put it any other way.

“He attempted to stop the ball from entering the goal, as a consequence he’s denied an obvious goal and that is a red card offence.

“The whole process was really good. VAR came in quickly, Anthony Taylor responded quickly.

“The only negative of the whole process is that we saw clearly Anthony Taylor, by moving towards the screen, was told by Chris Kavanagh, the VAR operator, to have a look.

“It was clear the communication by Taylor was ‘I accept what you’re telling me’. He gets to the screen and views a still image when in fact he should of have viewed a video.

“That was the only downside and left himself open to criticism. He didn’t use a nuts and bolt approach.

“No way it would have changed the decision, it would have reconfirmed it.

“Taylor was satisfied in what he was being told. He then saw the clip and was satisfied that the body shape had got bigger and had confidence in the VAR.

“Ultimately, they got the decision right.”

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