By Alan Hutton

20th May, 2020 | 7:00am

Hutton Exclusive: Rangers have opened door to rivals after latest Ibrox statement

Alan Hutton believes Rangers have opened the door for rivals to hold the SPFL to account after their public feud with the top brass in Scotland.

The former Gers defender, speaking exclusively to Football Insider assistant editor Russell Edge, admits that the lack of closure over the controversial resolution vote has “left a bad taste in the mouth”.

With 13 clubs – 31 per cent of the SPFL member sides – supporting the proposal for an independent investigation into the governing body, Rangers issued a statement claiming that “many members have lost confidence in the SPFL leadership.”

Hutton admits he wishes more clubs had supported the push but admits it is still a significant number which proves there are issues which need addressing.

Hutton told Football Insider: “It’s a lack of faith. There’s still a fair amount of teams that wanted the investigation and rightly so in my opinion.

“There is still this underlying problem, even if they try to sweep it under the carpet it’s not going to go away. I think it’s there for all to see. Again it’s just another thing holding back Scottish football and it just looks a bit of a mess.

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“I was for the investigation going ahead because once and for all it would have finished it and after that we could have moved on. I think it would have helped all parties moving forward but it leaves this bad taste in the mouth.

“Everybody’s looking at it and maybe thinking that change is needed somewhere along the line. It’s opened up the door for teams to start questioning things – they were short of the number but it’s still a high number.

“There’s definitely room for improvement – let’s not kid ourselves, I think the way everything’s been handled has been pretty poor.”

Rangers become embroiled in a war of words with the SPFL after Dundee controversially rescinded their vote to support the season-ending proposal amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Light Blues submitted what they allege to be evidence of corruption from a whistleblower but it was not enough to garner the necessary support for an independent investigation.

In other Rangers news, Steven Gerrard has been tipped to be growing frustrated after a major financial update.