Aston Villa

Danny Mills has blasted PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor for proposing halves of less than 45 minutes when football resumes after Christian Purslow revealed the position of Aston Villa on a restart.

The former Leeds and Manchester City, speaking exclusively to Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs, claimed it is an “idiotic idea” and was baffled as to how someone in the 75-year-old’s position could suggest such a “ridiculous” concept.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Taylor suggested more substitutes, shorter halves and neutral stadiums were all under discussion.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Villa CEO Christian Purslow insisted he could not favour a restart in neutral venues.

The Premier League has proposed completing the season in 8-10 neutral venues but West Ham, Brighton and now Aston Villa are opposed to the idea.

When asked by Football Insider if he supported the shorter halves proposal, Mills said: “Idiotic idea. Absolutely ridiculous.

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“For a person of power, someone who supposedly has considered opinion and a top person in an organisation to come out with a statement like that with no thought, no evidence, no research, nothing from the players whatsoever – ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

“People said he got carried away, but if you are the head of the PFA and you are the head of a massively important organization you should not be getting carried away and saying ridiculous statements. You get paid not to make those statements.”

Taylor, who has been the Professional Footballers’ Association‘s CEO since 1981, but will step down this July upon the completion of an independent review into the organisation.

‘Project Restart’ could see a return to Premier League action as soon as June 6, Football Insider understands.

In other Aston Villa news, Noel Whelan has told Football Insider players should be fined two weeks wages if they refuse to play.