By Ben Dinnery

20th Nov, 2022 | 11:50am

Insider: Anthony Gordon severely affected as new Everton details emerge

Anthony Gordon’s broken hand could be partly to blame for his recent poor Everton form.

That is the view of medical expert Ben Dinnery, who runs the Premier Injuries site and has a background in injury and data analysis, speaking exclusively to Football Insider

Gordon has only scored once in his last 10 competitive Everton appearances and was a substitute in their last two Premier League games.

He returned to the starting XI and scored the winning penalty in the Toffees’ shootout win over Celtic in the Sydney Super Cup on Sunday (20 November).

As quoted by the Liverpool Echo last week (12 November), Frank Lampard revealed the 21-year-old is playing with a broken hand.

“It’s not like he’s Jordan Pickford in goal but will it impact him and is it something that you will be wary of in the back of your mind? Of course it is,” Dinnery told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

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“Given the nature of the player he is, he’s a winger, inherently he is going to be facing quite a lot of flak from opposing defenders.

“So you’re going to be using any advantage to get that leverage or yard of space, to create that movement and of course, your arms play a part in that. Therefore that buffering, offsetting a defender’s balance will come into your play.

“Just in terms of being able to carry out his typical game plays, it will be affected.

“Also your thinking is it going to alter your play, consciously or subconsciously? Are you always waiting for that challenge knowing you might fall and cause further damage to that hand?

“It’s not something you would look at and say it will have a direct impact but psychologically it’s going to have an impact.

“We’re human beings and you like to think you can shut out a lot of that noise and worries, there is always going to be an element of doubt creeping in.

“Undoubtedly it will have impacted on his performance to a certain degree.”

In other news, Everton are set for an FA investigation after an Alexander Iwobi controversy.