By Wayne Veysey

16th Nov, 2015 | 2:18pm

Jamie Vardy targeted by trolls at his mansion

By Alex Stevens
Jamie Vardy is being plagued by pranksters ringing the security buzzer on his gated mansion in the middle of the night, according to his fiancee.
The England striker’s partner Rebekah Nicholson has laid into the mindless yobs with an angry Twitter rant.
She blew her top after once again being woken up and pleaded with the idiots to show some consideration for her and her family.
Vardy pulled out of the England squad with an injury but is in the form of his life after scoring 12 Premier League goals this season, including in nine consecutive matches in the competition.
Rebekah, 33, stormed: “To the little T**** that think it’s funny pressing my gate buzzer continuously scaring my kids at 12.30am shouting Jamie your on camera.
“Have some respect! There is a baby living in this house! Next time I won’t be messing! #b*******.”
After one follower taunted her by posting “why did I here you shout ‘f*** off I’m calling the police’ last night” Ms Nicholson retorted: “Your not even funny little boy! Let’s hope it wasn’t you!”

Hitting back: Vardy’s fiancee Rebekah Nicholson went on Twitter to vent her fury

He then claimed to have been walking past and Ms Nicholson added: “What a coincidence.”

Disgusted Leicester fans gave their full backing to Vardy and his family.
One Tweeted: “Bex’s l would have called the police. That’s harassment. Have some respect little boys and grow up.”
Another added: “Disgusting! They should have respect for you & Jamie with your baby also pretty sad how they know where your house.”

Prankster targets: Vardy and Miss Nicholson have been the victims of yobs

The 28-year-old former Halifax Town striker is showing no signs of having his beauty sleep disrupted though with his record-breaking club form.