Jose Mourinho on stadium ban: I might watch Chelsea clash from 'the street corner'

First published: 6th November, 2015, 13:36 PM
By Editor Wayne Veysey
Jose Mourinho has claimed there will no repeat of his last stadium ban when he was smuggled into Stamford Bridge in a laundry basket.
The Chelsea manager serves a one-match FA suspension for the club’s clash at Stoke tomorrow and is not allowed to be present at the Britannia Stadium during the game.
Asked what where his plans for viewing the match, Mourinho replied: “I have no plans. Maybe I sit on the street corner with my Ipad, I don’t know.
“Maybe I don’t even watch the game, what’s the point if I can’t make decisions. Maybe [Twitter]. Maybe live scores, I don’t know.’
Pressed about the infamous occasion when he was said to have hidden in a laundry skip during a previous stadium ban to evade the attention of Uefa officals during a Champions League match against Bayern Munich, the Portugese said he had “no temptation” to attempt a repeat.
But the under-fire Chelsea manager, who has presided over consecutive Premier League defeats stresses that his responsibilities will not be delegated to anyone tomorrow despite his absence from the ground.
“I am in charge,” Mourinho said. “I have the responsibility and they [my staff] are completely free of that extra pressure.
“I choose the team. I do the maximum I can on the directions of the game and try to prepare them even better than ever – players and assistants. It is the only way.”
Mourinho was more vocal on the one-match ban imposed by the FA and claimed there was no point in appealing it.

Blue-eyed boys: Jose Mourinho will not delegate despite stadium ban

“It is stupid to fight a fight you have already lost. I will travel with the players and will be with them until the moment somebody stops me. I think this is when I am in the limit of the facilities.”
He added: “It is not easy and you can imagine how I feel. At this moment, I am stopped to not just do my work but stopped to be in a football stadium and do something I love.
“In the future, I think we will have lots of managers with stadium bans because I think it should be related to something very serious. This stadium ban is connected to words, complaints.”