By Kieran Maguire

21st Mar, 2023 | 2:37pm

Kieran Maguire: Liverpool won't match £145m payout as 'fan frustration' boils over

Liverpool will struggle to replicate their £145million broadcast earnings with the value of Premier League domestic rights set to drop.

That is the view of finance expert Kieran Maguire, who spoke exclusively to Football Insider about the decreased value of Premier League television money.

The Premier League is set to begin the process for the next domestic rights sales at the end of the season, with the current deal between 2022 and 2025 worth £5billion.

The international rights for the Premier League actually topped that figure for the first time in the latest round of deals, with international coverage worth £5.05billion, as per The Athletic.

Liverpool pocketed £145million in the 2021/22 season from broadcast revenue, with only Man City earning more with £146million.

Maguire expects the international rights to continue to top the domestic value, with fans growing frustrated over the cost of subscriptions in the UK.

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“I think we will see the domestic rights fall further and further behind the value of the international rights,” Maguire told Football Insider.

There is little opportunity for significant growth in domestic rights unless the Premier League decide to extend the package.

“At present, 200 out of 380 matches are handed over to broadcasters.

Should the Premier League decide to expand that then we could have a moderate increase in value and clubs could pocket slightly more in revenue, but the Premier League is facing a lot of anger as fan frustration boils over about subscription costs

Lots of people are cutting the cord and therefore I think it’d be very challenging for broadcasters to increase their cost of rights only to struggle to sell it on to consumers.

Piracy is significant at the moment and it will become even more attractive to customers if broadcasters increase prices.

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