Sunderland handed 'long term' boost as EFL green light plan

By Kieran Maguire

19th Jun, 2023 | 7:00am

Kieran Maguire: Sunderland handed 'long term' boost as EFL green light plan

Sunderland may attract more commercial partners because of the EFL’s decision to introduce stricter owners’ and directors’ test.

That is the view of finance expert Kieran Maguire, who exclusively told Football Insider that partners can see that the EFL is being ‘progressive’ with their latest regulation changes.

As reported by the BBC, the EFL have included tougher owners’ and directors’ requirements in their latest regulation changes.

The new regulations bans individuals who are subject to sanctions from owning football clubs, while state-owned enterprises from sanctioned countries are also prohibited.

The changes have been made in an attempt to stop clubs from falling into administration due to poor ownership.

Maguire insists the EFL will still have to have ‘faith’ in new owners coming into football clubs but believes the changes will add value to the organisation’s brand.

“It is good to see that the EFL have addressed some of the issues in terms of governance,” Maguire told Football Insider’s Sean Fisher.

Although to a certain extent, they still have to have the same degree of faith as we all do when any new owner or relationship arises.

That has been evidenced by the appalling behaviour of the Wigan owners since they were approved by the EFL a couple of years ago in good faith.

In regards to Sunderland, this decision increases the overall value of the EFL brand.

Sponsors and commercial partners can see that the organisation is taking a progressive approach and that will help Sunderland in the long term.

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