By Kieran Maguire

15th Aug, 2022 | 11:15am

Kieran Maguire 'wowed' as Tottenham set to benefit from tech giant's reveal

Kieran Maguire has claimed Tottenham have future-proofed themselves with their “spaceship-like” stadium.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the finance expert suggested the club are well placed to “monetise” virtual fan experiences when the technology is ready.

As reported by SportsProMedia (10 August), a study from tech giant Oracle found sports fans are keen for more technology and innovation inside stadiums.

Research showed that fans want the comfort and convenience of being able to watch from home even though they value the atmosphere, excitement and prestige of watching events at the stadium.

Tottenham opened their £1billion stadium in April 2019.

The London club have an interactive virtual seating map on their website which allows fans to preview the view from a seat prior to ticket purchase.

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Maguire suggested Spurs could benefit financially from such technology in the future.

“Spurs have tried to future proof their new stadium as much as they can,” he told Football Insider.

“It is one of the few stadiums where I have watched in and gone, ‘Wow.’ It is as if a spaceship has landed.

“Spurs are very forward looking. They would have already thought about the best way to deliver a 360 degree product to a virtual reality when they were designing. They have taken all of this into consideration.

“I am sure they could monetise something like this if the technology goes ahead and people buy into it.”

In other news, a Tottenham expert expects the FA to make a rule change as Cristian Romero-Marc Cucurella footage is analysed.