By Noel Whelan

29th Nov, 2022 | 10:30am

Leeds United employee backs radical change after what he's spotted

Leeds United employee Noel Whelan has backed the Premier League to introduce semi-automated off-sides.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former Leeds striker praised the technology for speeding up the game.

In the summer (1 July), FIFA announced that the technology would be used at the World Cup to support video match officials and on-field referee to help them make faster, more accurate and more reproducible offside decisions.

The technology uses 12 dedicated tracking cameras underneath the roof of the stadium to track the ball as well as a sensor inside the ball to get a precise detection of the kick point.

When an offside is flagged by the technology, the video match officials validate the decision by manually checking the automatically created image with the whole process only taking a few seconds.

According to journalist Dale Johnson, reported in ESPN (13 November), the Whites are yet to have a VAR decision go in their favour in the Premier League this season.

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Whelan has backed the automatic technology to improve VAR decisions in the English top flight.

I think it has worked quite well in the World Cup so far, that side of it,” he told Football Insider.

Anything that gets the game sped up and looks a little but quicker is going to be of benefit to everybody because then the game gets sped up.

You are not waiting around and the flow of the game is still there.

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