Leeds United set to be 'scrutinised' after news Kinnear will hate - Maguire

By Kieran Maguire

29th Apr, 2022 | 2:27pm

Kieran Maguire: Leeds United set to be 'scrutinised' after announcement Angus Kinnear will hate

Leeds United will be subject to greater “scrutiny” under the terms of a new independent regulator for English football.

So says finance guru Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about English football’s historic move away from self-governance.

Tracey Crouch MP proposed the idea of an independent regulator in her fan-led review of football governance in November last year.

The Government announced on Monday (25 April) that it has set out a plan to implement the arbitrator alongside other facets of the fan-led review.

Leeds CEO Angus Kinnear has previously controversially likened aspects of the review to Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

And Maguire explained why the executives of Premier League clubs are broadly opposed to the idea of independent regulation.

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“Everyone prefers self-regulation to external regulation,” he told Football Insider‘s Adam Williams.

“Self-regulation allows you to create the rules which suit you as opposed to the greater good of football.

“It allows you to effectively mark your own homework as opposed to being subject to greater scrutiny.

“You can see why they are opposed to this. The Premier League want to deny, deflect and discredit the Tracey Crouch report.

“It’s disingenuous the way the Premier League has put up people like Kinnear to speak on it.

“They know that the representatives of the big six clubs have been discredited by their actions in Super League.”

Fans will theoretically be given more say in the running of their clubs as part of the new legislation.

The independent regulator will also introduce a reformed owners’ test.

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