Liverpool and the rest of the ‘big six’ are the real winners from the European Super League debacle even if they lose out in the short term. 

That is according to ex-Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell, speaking exclusively to Football Insider after the Daily Mail revealed that the rebel clubs each bought an £8million equity stake upon signing up to the breakaway competition.

The report claims that it is unclear if any of the total £48m paid by the Premier League clubs will be reimbursed following the Super League’s implosion.

The collapse of the ESL has been hailed as a victory for fan power, with Liverpool’s John Henry among the owners forced into embarrassing apologies.

But Campbell insists that the six clubs would not have reneged on the deal unless they had a strategic motivation.

He told Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs: “This has proven that those clubs were willing to go alone in Europe. Uefa will have to reform the Champions League format now. 

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“Do they really lose? That’s the question we have to ask. All of a sudden, they’ve put Uefa on notice, haven’t they?

“These big boys don’t make this move and then retract unless there’s been a deal done.

“Think about the timing. Why would you do it now? You wouldn’t, would you? If it’s a 20-team league, you would announce it with 20 teams in, not 12.

“It’s madness, it makes no sense when you actually break it down. Will they ultimately get what they want? You’ll see that they will.”


The fallout from the ESL fiasco has rocked Liverpool to its core.

Football Insider understands that Jurgen Klopp was “devastated” at the proposals and that his future at the club has been cast into doubt.

In other news, pundit blames three players for Thiago’s struggles at Liverpool.