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By Manchester correspondent Alex Stevens
Louis van Gaal has admitted that there has been at “awful” feeling at Manchester United following the 3-0 defeat at Arsenal.
United slumped to the heavy defeat at the Emirates Stadium before the international break and Van Gaal, his staff – and even the team’s cook – have been brooding on it ever since.
The United manager, whose team face Everton at Goodison Park tomorrow, said a repeat of the performance at Arsenal would be unacceptable.
“When you have more than two weeks [to think about it] it is awful when you have such a result,” said Van Gaal.
“It has been an awful two weeks because before the last international break we lost against Swansea.
“It’s not only the players, it’s the staff, and my cook, Mike, because he has a big influence on the atmosphere in the canteen.
“So these are awful weeks, because you are constantly thinking about how it happened and you cannot manage it with your players, because that is what you have to do, but all the players were flying out.
“They flew out directly after the match, then the players are coming back on Wednesday, some on Thursday, after the training sessions, so they could not participate in our meetings before the game against Everton.”
Van Gaal admitted that he changed the team’s preparations before the Arsenal clash by giving the players a day off 48 hours beforehand.

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Red hot Chilean: Alexis Sanchez scored two goals as Arsenal destroyed United

“I also changed the sequence of the preparation, because I gave them them Friday off [before the Arsenal game] and that is also an influence.
“So it is difficult for me and then I have speak about the match against Arsenal, because you have to analyse it, learn from it and improve.
“I have to give the analysis of the Arsenal game the day before the [Everton] game, so the process of preparation is different.”