Joel Glazer and Ed Woodward enjoy a strong working relationship despite the “very unusual” and relatively small wage earned by the Manchester United powerbroker.

That is according to finance expert and new Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, who was referencing the fact that Woodward’s salary is far smaller than the majority of the playing staff at the club.

Recently released figures show that Woodward is the best-paid director in the Premier League.

He pocketed £3.087million in 2019-20 and has earned £21million since taking over from David Gill in 2013.

But Maguire — who also explained that Joel Glazer is the only member of the family interested in football — says that Woodward’s wage is minuscule considered in the context of their total wage bill.

He told Football Insider: “Joel Glazer is the only one in the family who is interested in United. The others could take it or leave it, they are happy to simply pick up their dividends.

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“He and Ed get on well. He trusts Ed and pays him what he considers to be a fair salary.

“And Ed Woodward’s salary is less than half the average salary of the average player at United.

“It’s very unusual in any business for the chief exec to be paid less than the shop floor workers.”

Commercially, Manchester United have gone from strength to strength since Ed Woodward took the wheel in 2013, even if there have been frustrations about their lack of on-pitch success.

In the 2019-20 financial year, however, they posted a net loss of £23.2m loss after suffering a £70m fall in expected revenue as a result of the pandemic.

In other news, a top pundit has said he expects Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard to struggle to get in the first-team while he is out on loan at West Ham United.