Pep Guardiola on Alexis Sanchez: 'He is amazing at creating space'

By Coral Barry
Pep Guardiola has admitted his admiration for former Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez ahead of Bayern Munich’s Champions League clash against Arsenal.
The Bayern manager gave a ringing endorsement of Arsene Wenger’s team, claiming they are in “very good shape” ahead of Tuesday’s fixture.
The Bundesliga champions are well place in Group F after winning their opening two Champions League matches but Arsenal face an uphill task to qualify for the knockout stages after losing to both Dynamo Zagreb and Olympiakos.
But Guardiola believes the London club have the players to cause what would be regarded as an upset.
He said: “My old player Alexis is in top form. How he moves between the lines to create space is amazing.
“Theo Walcott does not play just as a right winger, he plays up front so that is why makes is a difference as he is so fast and it is difficult to control him.

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“Obviously when a team decides to put Santi Cazorla as a playmaker it is the best signal of how they want to play. Normally in that position they play big strong guys to run and Arsenal decide to put Cazorla. When that happens, they are going to play well and they have done in the last month, especially in the Premier League.
“In my point of view, every time I have come here it has been a difficult 90 minutes. I saw some very, very, talented players so the truth is Arsenal are in a very good shape, everybody is fit and they have no injuries.”