By Noel Whelan

13th Oct, 2020 | 8:30pm

'Quite frankly...' - Exclusive: Whelan reacts to big Liverpool-Mike Gordon reported reveal

Noel Whelan has questioned Liverpool-led plans to reduce the Premier League from a 20-team division to an 18-team division.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs, the former Leeds United and Coventry City forward believes the Premier League is going “swimmingly” and does not need to be changed.

The Telegraph reported on Sunday that Liverpool director Mike Gordon and owner John W. Henry with others have produced an 18-page document called ‘Project Big Picture’ which detailed proposed radical changes to English football.

That included reducing the number of top-flight clubs from 20 to 18 and a change to promotion for the Championship which would see teams finishing third, fourth and fifth entering a play-off with the 16th-placed Premier League side.

The proposal would mean all Premier League games will take place on weekends to allow mid-weeks to be the focus of European competitions.

Asked by Football Insider what he made of a potential 18-team Premier League, Whelan said: “They are trying to dictate and change the process of the Premier League. It’s not broken, the Premier League is going swimmingly. That is a good league.

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“To take it down to 18 from 20, I don’t see any sense in that quite frankly, I really don’t.

“If something is not broken, don’t fix it. It works well.

“This is not something we should be talking about, the re-shaping of the Premier League.

“That’s not what is broken here, what is broken is a lot of smaller clubs further down the chain in the Football League could go out of business.

“That is the priority, that’s what they should be focused on, not the Premier League structure.”

In other news, Football Insider can exclusively REVEAL Liverpool are in talks with a young defender after having a bid accepted.