By Noel Whelan

20th Jun, 2022 | 11:07am

Richard Arnold slammed as 'rookie' Man United footage emerges - expert

Richard Arnold was “naive” and committed a “rookie error” by believing his interaction with angry Man United fans in a pub would not be leaked online.

That is the view of ex-Leeds United forward Noel Whelan, speaking exclusively to Football Insider after Arnold’s frank and honest conversation was posted on Twitter on Saturday (18 June).

The new Man United chief executive was informed fans would be protesting outside his house and opted to meet them in a nearby pub to stop the protest.

The 51-year-old admitted the club had “burned” cash on big-money signings and last season was a “nightmare”.

“I have respect for him but there’s a hell of a lot of naivety there,” Whelan told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“You know in this day and age there’s nothing you can do without a phone video recording you or it being recorded on audio.

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“For me, this was not the right place. Yes, integrate, yes, get to know the fans but to be so blatantly out there with opinions.

“This does not surprise me in the least. It just goes to show the club, right now, is not in a healthy place. Whether that be on the field or off it.

“This is a rookie error. I cannot believe there’s somebody in such a high position would be so naive to go out there, in a pub, chat to Man United fans and be so open and honest about things going on at the club.

“You’ve got to be sensible. You’ve got to know you cannot say a word, especially in a pub with a group of Man United supporters and believe they are not going to record it.”

In other news, a ‘crazy’ Man United verdict has been issued after a £1.32billion reveal.