By Noel Whelan

12th Oct, 2020 | 8:30pm

'There's something in it...' - Exclusive: Whelan reacts to Telegraph's huge Liverpool reveal

Noel Whelan is worried about the Liverpool-backed ‘Project Big Picture’ that he believes will only strengthen the elite clubs.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs, the former Leeds United and Coventry striker admitted that the proposed £250million bailout to EFL clubs could “save” them but questioned the motivation of Liverpool.

The Telegraph reported yesterday that Reds owner John W. Henry and director Mike Gordon among others had produced an 18-page document called ‘Project Big Picture’ which detailed radical changes to English football.

The most contentious of which includes a change in the one-member-one-vote system of the Premier League to the nine longest-serving clubs being given “long-term shareholder status” with just six votes needed to pass a change.

Asked by Football Insider what he made of the proposals, Whelan said: “It seems to be a lot of power to the bigger clubs. It seems to me there’s always something in it for them, they’re not going to do something for nothing and it’s a little shady in many areas.

“Right now, the way the money will be handed down to the EFL clubs especially those in the lower leagues, it’s going to save them.

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“But in the long-term what is the implications of it all? What does it actually mean?

“These people, the big business owners of these football clubs and franchises are not in it just to help out. There’s something in it for them.

“It just seems to me that there’s a bit of backboard dealing going on as well. They don’t do something for nothing these people, they’re in it for the business that is what makes me feel a bit worried.

“Right now, bailing them out is a priority, keeping these clubs surviving is a priority but what does it mean in the long-term?”

In other news, Football Insider can exclusively REVEAL Liverpool are in talks with a young defender after having had a bid accepted.