Leeds fans split on 'unbelievable' attempt to sue Everton - "Cheats"

By Joe Roberts

18th Nov, 2023 | 5:12am

'Too right the cheats', 'Grow up Kinnear, it's your fault' - Leeds fans react to 'unbelievable' ploy to sue Everton

Leeds United fans can’t agree on whehter the club should sue Everton after their points deduction was confirmed.

The Toffees face an immediate 10-point deduction for violating Financial Fair Play regulations and the Whites, Burnley and Leicester City now have all they need to launch their £300million lawsuit.

The trio of clubs feel wronged that Everton stayed in the Premier League after their offences and are seeking compentation for lost top-flight revenue after their relegations to the Championship.

They divised their plans over the summer and held talks on Friday afternoon (17 November) to commit to their plan after points deduction – the heftiest in Premier League history.

Leeds fans have taken to social media to discuss the huge news but can’t seem to agree whether it is worth it.

This supporter enjoyed the “pettiness” of his club for their attempts to sue the struggling side.

One fan was very happy to see Everton face the deduction but maintaned that they were “let off lightly”.

One fan was ashamed of Leeds’ “embarrassing” actions.

One fan made their feelings quite clear and felt repulsed by the lawsuit.

This supporter slammed the “silly” ploy and suggested Leeds have no one but themselves to blame for their relegation.

This fan called out Leeds’ managing director Angus Kinnear specifically and directed him to “grow up”.

This fan was very happy to give the “cheats” face yet another problem.

One fan claimed that keeping former boss Jesse Marsch on board for so long last season was a bigger factor to the Whites’ downfall than the actions of the Toffees.

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