Tottenham have the lowest wages-to-turnover ratio in the Premier League – and that might hinder them in attracting the game’s best managers. 

That is according to finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after Fabrizio Romano revealed on June 4th that “investment” was a key reason for talks between Spurs and Antonio Conte stalling.

The reputable journalist also claimed that there was a £2.6million discrepancy in terms of the former Chelsea manager’s desired salary.


Maguire claims that Spurs’ transfer spending is competitive with their ‘big six’ rivals but their wage expenditure is anything but.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “Spurs spent £116m on players in 2019, they spent £136m in 2020. So there’s nothing stopping Spurs from buying players.

“But what we’re not seeing is that turned into wages that are competitive with the other clubs. Spurs have the lowest wage to revenue metric n the Premier League by a street.

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“It was 39 per cent pre-pandemic, it was still only 45 per cent in 2020. If I compare wage spends, Chelsea are at £280m Man United at £280m, Liverpool at £310m, City £351m.

“Then you drop down to Spurs and they are £179m. They are effectively swimming in the same pool as Everton, who are at £160m, Leicester £150m.

“It’s broadly accepted that Spurs are more successful than Arsenal at the moment, but Arsenal are at £225m.

“So it’s a case of whether the club is willing to spend more on wages, that might attract a manager like Conte.

“As I said, Spurs’ wages to revenue to ratio is 45 per cent, and Man United’s is 56 per cent.

“If Spurs moved to 56 per cent, that would allow them to increase the wage bill by £44m. That does mean that you are operating at a slightly different level.”

In other news, 25-year-old fan favourite could be forced out of Tottenham this summer.