Noel Whelan has lashed out at authorities after Nicola Sturgeon blamed Rangers over the fan gatherings last weekend.

The former Aberdeen striker, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, insisted the government needed to take responsibility for a lack of policing and stewarding around Glasgow.

The First Minister took to Twitter to condemn the behaviour of fans and, as quoted by Sky Sports, insisted Rangers “could have done more to avoid this situation”.

Rangers hit back with a statement insisting they had consulted the relevant authorities over public safety and had taken action to disperse the crowds.

Whelan has backed the club and insisted it should have been the government and council to take action.

Asked what more Rangers could have done, Whelan told Football Insider’s Russell Edge: “Nothing. They can’t, it’s out their control.

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“Look you’re going to get some fans that are going to turn up. That’s just their prerogative and their choice. Then it’s down to the government and the council.

“Knowing they’ve won the league, get the policing right, get the stewarding right and not complain to the club they’ve not done it right.

“They know it’s coming so I don’t understand why they don’t go and do more about it. There was no kind of real policing or stewarding there but then they can’t wait to come and criticise. It’s in their hands as well as the clubs.

“You can have Nicola Sturgeon and all these MPs whinging away all they want. They’re the ones knowing that these things are coming up.

“Maybe you should converge together. Come up with a plan of action so that they’re not blaming it just on Glasgow Rangers. They probably have a bigger part to play than the club actually.

“Don’t come out and whinge about a football club. It’s not their place to do it. It is the government’s place to do it and get it set up properly.”

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