Noel Whelan has claimed Liverpool and the rest of the ‘big six’ will likely face no punishment for threatening to join a proposed European Super League.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Premier League striker claimed fines will not hurt the owners and points deductions will unfairly affect the players and fans.

Sky Sports report the other 14 Premier League sides are divided on whether the ‘big six’ should face sanctions for their plans.


One senior club official wants to pursue punishment as the clubs have broke Premier League Rule L9 which ays any member club needs prior written approval by the Board to enter a new competition.

Asked whether points deductions would be an appropriate punishment, Whelan told Football Insider assistant editor Russell Edge: “It’s going to hurt the fans and the players who were in the dark about this.

“If you ask every single player they don’t want it. They’ve been football fans since they were yay-high. They love Premier League football. They love Champions League football. The FA Cup, the League Cup.

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“This is what you wanted to win as a kid. This is what you wanted to play in. You’re in the best league in the world. When has that not been enough for owners?

“You got into it to be in the Premier League. There’s always been adaptation along the lines.

“You can’t hurt a chairman financially and we’ve seen that. The ones that have quit are going to have to pay some kind of fee. That’s going to be a lot of money. Is that going to hurt them? Absolutely not.

“If you do points deductions you’re going to hurt players and fans and it’s not their fault.

“Where is the punishment going to come from? There isn’t one, at the end of the day.

“You’ve just got to keep in the back of your mind remember who you are working with and not to trust these people anymore and maybe don’t give them the benefits they had over the years because of their name, because they’re Barcelona, because they’re Real Madrid.

“Think of the clubs that deserve more respect. Your PSGs, your Bayern Munichs who stood strong by this.”

In other news, Liverpool have set their sights on a blisteringly-quick England international.