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Who are football's greatest?

We’ve done the research, spent hours arguing (in the pub) over every decision and have finally come up with the definitive guide to ‘Football’s Greatest‘.

How many times have you disagreed with your mates over who is the fastest player in the Premier League? How many times have you shouted at your Dad that Balotelli is worse than David Luiz?

Well now the time for discussion is over because FootballInsider has put together an EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE called FOOTBALL’S GREATEST and you can read it here.

The guide features amazing articles from our top writers including:

  • The Top 10 fastest Premier League players
  • The Top 10 most over-rated players of all time
  • The Top 10 most under-rated players of all time
  • The Top 10 greatest Premier League players of all time

So what are you waiting for? Grab your LIMITED TIME ONLY copy Football’s Greatest by clicking here