By Danny Mills

6th Nov, 2021 | 8:00am

Aston Villa told to make U-turn on sacking Smith after source reveal - Mills

Dean Smith’s job at Aston Villa should not be under pressure even if they lose to Southampton this evening, according to Danny Mills.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Leeds United and England defender delivered his verdict as Aston Villa are on a run of four consecutive Premier League defeats.

Football Insider first broke the news on 22 October that Smith was under growing pressure to keep his job from club chiefs.

A Villa source told Football Insider (November 4) they will sound out John Terry about a sensational return as manager if they decide to axe Smith.

“You get rid of Dean Smith and who do you bring in?” Mills told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“They lost their star player who was their superstar, who did everything for them last season. He’s the reason they got promoted and stayed up.

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“It’s going to take time for anybody when you lose a player of that quality to rebuild things. The whole dynamic of the football club changes in almost an instant.

“Dean Smith has proven he can get it right, you’ve just got to give him a bit more time. I don’t think he should be any under pressure.

“If they lose tonight, sacking him after five games? On what basis? Have they been in those games? Have they been disastrous? Is it just down to the manager?

“There are a lot of things to look at. They may have been unlucky in those games. You’ve got to look at the much bigger picture.

“You sack the manager, you lose coaches, everything else that has to change. It’s a big decision.

“How often do clubs change managers and it goes further wrong? Look at Tottenham, that didn’t work. Manchester United, didn’t really work.

“Sometimes it’s a myth to think ‘We’re having a bad time, change the manager and everything will be alright’. More often than not, it’s not the case because a manager can only do so much.”

In other news, the Premier League have been inundated with calls from clubs raging about an Aston Villa player.