By Kevin Campbell

9th Nov, 2021 | 7:00pm

Campbell 'fed up' after 'nonsensical' Arsenal footage emerges

Kevin Campbell has slammed suggestions Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette was unsporting against Watford on Sunday.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former Gunners and Everton striker said “it’s nonsense” for players to give possession back to the opposition when the ball is played out because a player has gone down.

As footage from Sky Sports relayed, Arsenal scored their winner shortly after Lacazette decided against giving possession back to the Hornets when Danny Rose kicked the ball out.

Watford manager Claudio Ranieri was fuming with Mikel Arteta’s side actions at the full-time whistle.

Campbell insisted it is just as unsporting for a player to feign injury to slow down the game.

“Look, I will be really honest with you,” he told Football Insider.

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“I am fed up of this sportsmanship nonsense. Players kicking the ball out when players go down. It is nonsense. That is not part of the game. It is not.

“I will tell you this for free, if a player goes down to the floor, his teammate kicks the ball out and the player gets back up, then that is not being sporting. You can work it both ways.

“I think Arsenal were right to get on with it. Sometimes you want to gain a little advantage in the game when someone goes down.

“There is no law that somebody has to kick the ball out. There is no law. If he is really injured, fine. But, the lad got back up at the end of the day.”

In other news, Campbell has claimed one Arsenal player is so good ‘he makes everyone around him’ better.