Kevin Campbell has claimed Daniel Ek has “no chance” of buying Arsenal as the Kroenkes “are not going anywhere”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former Gunners striker said the club’s current owners “have got a plan” and intend to follow through with it rather than selling.

Swedish billionaire Daniel Ek has made it public that he wants to purchase Arsenal and has the backing of club legends Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp.

However, as quoted by BT Sport, Stan Kroenke has since claimed that he is “100 per cent committed” to the Premier League club and “will not entertain any offer”.

According to the Daily Mail, the “word on the international investment circuit” is that Arsenal have been up for sale for the last two years at a price of £1.7billion.

When asked by Football Insider‘s Dylan Childs if a takeover was possible this year, Campbell said: “No chance.

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“It is definitely not happening. Kroenke and his crew are not going to sell. They are not selling.

“They have got a plan. Mikel Arteta was appointed as part of it and they want to change the culture at the club. They’re going to do whatever they need.

“The takeover bid from Daniel Ek sounds great and it pulls on the heartstrings of the fans but it is not going to happen. Mr. Ek has got Henry and Vieira on board but it does not mean anything unless you have a willing seller.

“The Kroenkes are not going to sell. They are not going anywhere.”  

In other news, Arsenal have been tipped to bin one of their strikers this summer after ‘massive’ news.