By Ben Dinnery

20th Sep, 2022 | 8:38am

Expert: Chelsea 'exposed' as new details emerge - 'there's real animosity'

Chelsea players are already “exposed” to the demands of a relentless fixture schedule – and an ultra-competitive North versus South all-stars game would only make things worse.

That is the view of medical expert Ben Dinnery, who runs the Premier Injuries site and has a background in injury and data analysis.

As quoted by Sky Sports last Wednesday (14 September), new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly proposed an MLB-style “all-stars” game.

The American billionaire suggested that a Northern team could face off against a Southern team in a lucrative annual match.

The 48-year-old revealed that MLB, with which he is familiar through his co-ownership of the LA Dodgers, had made £175million from their all-stars game this year alone.

But critics have panned the idea, saying that there simply is no time in the football calendar.

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Dinnery also claimed that there is an increased risk of injury in what could turn out to be a hotly-contested affair.

There is always a risk with regard to exposure, even in the most non-competitive games,” he told Football Insider’s Adam Williams.

One of the biggest issues is trying to shoehorn that fixture in.

North versus South? I’ve been involved in some of these in the fantasy football community. I think there is a real divide and it turns into very, very competitive games.

It depends on when they would want to host these games. As a spectacle, I think it would be great. Why wouldn’t you want to see some of the league’s best players put together.

But from a logistical standpoint, they clubs aren’t going to be keen. They will want to protect their assets. This is a money-making exercise without any real thought to the players themselves.

We hear so many complaints about fatigue, the scheduling of the World Cups and so on, but this goes against that. To put another fixture in the calendar, something has to give. Exposure will always equal increased remix.

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