By Keith Hackett

1st Aug, 2022 | 12:37pm

Ex-Fifa official: Rangers victims of illegal development after referee 'failure'

Rangers’ 2-1 win over Livingston on Saturday (29 July) took place on an illegal pitch, according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee claimed Don Robertson “failed” in his pre-match pitch inspection.

As relayed in images by the Daily Record, Rangers’ third-choice goalkeeper Robby McCrorie alerted Robertson to the fact the goalline and goalposts did not align.

The referee then measured the goalline and agreed with McCrorie but nothing could be done as there was only 30 minutes until kick-off.

“The goalkeeper is absolutely correct,” Hackett told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

“The law states that ‘All lines must be the same width and not more than five inches. The goal lines must be the same width as the goal post and crossbar’. They’re not here.

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“What the goalkeeper has seen here, I compliment him on. He’s made the observation and is correct in the law. The line and the goal post are not the same width.

“I think this is a dilemma for the referee and I hope he’s reported the incident.

“He’s effectively allowed a game to take place, as I see it now, that is wrong in law.

“There is common sense, what does he do? Abandon the game at that point? No, he gets the groundsman on to resolve the issue before he kicks off.

“At least one and a half hours before kick-off, a referee’s first duty is to check the field of play. He’s failed in his task.

“If he’d had done that prelimenary pitch inspection then he would have spotted that.

“He’s applied common sense but in law, why has a professional club with a groundsman got themselves in this fix?

“I praise the goalkeeper, he knew straight away that something is wrong and he’s absolutely spot on.

“At what point, has the ball crossed the goalline? This is the most important aspect of the game. Is it when it crosses the line or when it crosses the goalposts?”

In other news, Borna Barisic’s Rangers career may be over after a “cracking” deal is agreed.