By Keith Hackett

9th Nov, 2022 | 6:00am

Ex-Fifa official: Ryan Yates in double referee blunder as controversial Nottingham Forest footage analysed

Nottingham Forest deserved a penalty for Josh Dasilva’s “push” on Ryan Yates during their 2-2 draw with Brentford on Saturday (5 November), according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee claimed that the referee should have shown Yates a yellow card if he thought it was not a penalty.

As shown on the BBC’s Match of the Day programme, Dasilva appeared to push Yates to the ground as he entered the box.

Andre Marriner waved away Forest’s appeals as the ball ran out for a Brentford goal kick.

“What you had was inconsistency right the way through,” Hackett said after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“He’s put his arm out, he’s on the player and the player has felt a touch and gone down.

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“What makes it difficult here is that I can say that’s unfair impeding with contact in order to award a penalty kick. He’s using his arm as a defensive mechanism.

“As players like to make it difficult for referees, they will go to ground.

“It’s no good saying ‘It’s not worthy of a penalty kick’. He’s got his hand out and he’s gone down, so therefore I think he’s very unfortunate not to get a penalty kick.

“You’ve got to get players to play football with their feet and not use their arms as an extension to their body.

“What’s the difference between someone who extends his arm and handles the ball and a player who extends his arm to hold off an opponent or push him?

“This whole point of it being a soft penalty kick, just don’t put your arms out. Players have and will always go to ground if they believe they have been caught and not got a chance of scoring a goal.

“If you’re not going to give a penalty kick why does the referee not give a yellow card because he’s simulated?”

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