By Keith Hackett

11th Jan, 2022 | 5:30pm

Ex-Premier League referee issues 'alarming' verdict as 'amazing' Ramsey footage emerges from Aston Villa

Keith Hackett has insisted Danny Ings’ goal was rightly chalked off as Aston Villa lost 1-0 to Man United yesterday (10 January).

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee admitted he found Villa’s free-kick routine “alarming” and “amazing”.

Steven Gerrard’s side thought they had levelled when Ings bundled the ball in the 50th-minute following John McGinn’s set-piece.

Jacob Ramsey stood in an offside position and knocked Edinson Cavani to the ground as he rushed back to defend.

Asked for his verdict on the incident after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley, Hackett said: “When I was the boss of the PGMOL I watched Leicester City against Bolton Wanderers, officiated by Uriah Rennie.

“Bolton had a free-kick close to Leicester’s goal and introduced a new rather alarming tactic. Sam Allardyce placed an attacking player on each of Leicester City’s goalposts who were standing in an offside position.

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“In law standing in an offside position is not an offence but when the taker started to run towards the ball those attackers on the post started to move slowly towards the players positioned near the edge of the area.

“Referee Rennie to his credit blew his whistle and the debate on that tactic started immediately. I was called to a meeting at the Premier League with Richard Scudamore. We decided that it was a tactic that needed to be outlawed.

“Later that day we held a meeting with The Football Association and a telephone call then took place with IFAB the lawmakers. It was agreed that the tactic would be outlawed and a communique sent out to clubs.

“That same tactic was employed in Aston Villa v Man United last night, but a great deal of time has passed since the days of Allardyce and Bolton Wanderers.

“Manager Steven Gerrard positioned his forward players well inside the penalty area in advance of the defending wall and general group of players.

“From the tactic, the ball eventually went into the net and after VAR review was ruled out. Amazing that many years would pass and that same action by Sam Allardyce was repeated in almost identical fashion.

“An old mentor of mine used to say ‘If it does not look right, then it isn’t right’. The goal correctly ruled out.”

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