By Keith Hackett

14th Nov, 2022 | 3:06pm

Ex-Premier League referee: Newcastle United set for FA charge as 'ludicrous' Dan Burn footage emerges

Newcastle United and Chelsea will be both charged by the FA for “failing to control their players” during a mass confrontation at St. James’ Park on Saturday (12 November), according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee delivered his verdict after analysing the footage of the incident that followed Newcastle‘s 1-0 win.

A mass confrontation was sparked after Kai Havertz reacted angrily to Dan Burn and players from both sides got involved.

Even players who were on the bench piled onto the pitch to try and stop it from escalating.

“This is a bit of a mass confrontation, it’s conflict brought about by some pretty poor refereeing,” Hackett said after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“Right up to the final whistle, this referee allowed so many challenges and applied advantages which were ludicrous. You do not apply advantage and put at risk your control, this is basic refereeing.

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“OK, it was the closing stages and they were pressing for a goal and there are frustrations and all that goes with it.

“The terminology I use is, you put your foot on the ball as a referee just to say they are in control. The referee has to enforce his control, not by cards, they can do it by effective man-management.

“This is clear, the FA should have a look. It doesn’t matter that it happened at the end of the game.

“Look at the number of people coming on. Both clubs will be charged for failing to control their players.

“The other observation is, there is a mass confrontation protocol and the match officials carried it out. The two assistants came on to actually try and help the referee in that situation.”

In other news, Newcastle United have been told to U-turn on Miguel Almiron after a source reveals a “£60million” deal.