By Keith Hackett

6th Oct, 2021 | 4:00pm

Ex-Premier League referee tells Sir Alex Ferguson to 'get real' after Man United podcast reveal

Keith Hackett has told Sir Alex Ferguson VAR is operating exactly as it should this season – after the Man United legend was heavily critical of it on a podcast.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-FIFA and Premier League referee claimed the use of VAR this season has vastly improved on previous seasons.

Ferguson told the Man United podcast last week that supporters would enjoy football more without the interruptions of VAR.

The legendary manager insisted he would rather the referee have complete autonomy on the pitch.

“If you look at how VAR has operated in this country, up to the start of this season, even I, as one of it’s biggest supporters, was thinking ‘Should we bin it?'” Hackett told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“The reality is that this season has started complying with the criteria of the IFAB and FIFA. As a result of that, we’re seeing some very good VAR interventions that are there to support the referee.

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“The reality was, because of the level of inspection on the referee’s decision making with 22 cameras. The referee only has one pair of eyes and a colleague running the line so we needed to give referees the chance to view it again.

“What we were trying to do in the Premier League was the guy in Stockley Park trying to referee the game rather than the guy in the middle of the pitch. The first seven weeks of this season are showing how VAR can be used and how well it can be used.

“There are still some holes in it but that’s dependent on the training and the individual.

“Maybe Alex Ferguson will agree with me that we need an independent timekeeper.”

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