By Dr Dan Plumley

14th Nov, 2022 | 6:42pm

Finance expert: Liverpool could be sold within 'months' - 'bids in behind the scenes'

A takeover of Liverpool could take months but it will likely take at least a year.

That is the view of finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider after the news that Fenway Sports Group are open to selling Liverpool.

The Athletic reported last week (7 November) that FSG have put the club up for sale and are working with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as they invite offers.

They released a statement confirming that they had already received offers for the Merseyside giants.

“Timelines are always an interesting one,” Plumley told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“There is no fixed timeline for any takeover is the first point which is always important to mention. It does depend on the club’s backstory and circumstances and what’s going on behind the scenes.

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“Liverpool are a really interesting one because we’re kind of seeing two sides to it.

“The first one is that they are up for sale and the other one is they are not up for sale but there is interest in investment and there have been bids made.

“I think every club has bids in to buy them behind the scenes which we just don’t see.

“Let’s put ourselves in the position of a takeover happening. You’re always talking months rather than weeks, first and foremost.

“That month can stretch to six, seven, eight months then you are creeping towards a year.

“It depends on the club. From the narrative we’ve seen so far, if this was to be a full takeover, you are probably looking at a long-term process because there are a lot of moving parts.”

In other news, Liverpool have been backed to complete a striker signing after a Roberto Firmino reveal.