It would be “terrible for Scottish football” if Rangers and Celtic joined a reformed Premier League, according to Alan Hutton.

The former Gers defender, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, admitted it would be “amazing” to see the Glasgow giants compete in England but that it would decimate Scotland’s own competitions.

The Sun report the monumental news that both Rangers and Celtic are wanted as part of a new-look British league after the collapse of the European Super League.

It is said a reformed Premier League would be backed by Fifa and Uefa.

Hutton admitted he would love to see the Glasgow giants given the funding to compete with their English counterparts.

However, he warned it could have dire consequences on the rest of Scottish football.

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“It would be amazing to see”, Hutton told Football Insider assistant editor Russell Edge.

“If Rangers and Celtic were given the money to go out there and compete with these big teams, they could. They’ve got the infrastructure and everything to do that.

“That being said, it would just be terrible for Scottish football I think. They need to be up there. They need to come up with something to try and make Scottish football better. 

“I just feel that if they were to leave Scottish football, Scottish football would die a death. A lot of clubs rely on the gate receipts from playing Rangers and Celtic.

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard

“Why would you watch Scottish football if Rangers and Celtic aren’t there? That’s what a lot of people would say. Down south, a lot of my friends say: ‘Scottish football? No chance am I watching that.’ 

“If Rangers and Celtic weren’t even there, what would the opinions be? 

In other news, Hutton has raised fears over a top Rangers star quitting after contract talk update.