Liverpool fans lash out at 'cruel' Anfield twist amid 'cash cow' claim

By Kieran Maguire

22nd Mar, 2023 | 10:19am

Kieran Maguire drops Liverpool 'cash cow' claim as fans lash out at 'cruel' Anfield twist

Not everyone at Liverpool sees the club as a “cash cow” despite the club raising the price point of season tickets for 2023/24.

That is the view of finance expert Kieran Maguire, who exclusively told Football Insider that there is much more Liverpool could do to squeeze matchday revenue out of their fans.

The Reds announced a two per cent rise to their season ticket prices last week (14 March) which will charge fans £1 more per match throughout the 2023/24 campaign.

The pricing change was met with backlash from Liverpool supporter group Spirit of Shankly, who released a statement labelling the change “cruel, unjust, unreasonable and unfair”.

The fan group cited the cost of living crisis in the UK and Liverpool’s record revenues in their response to the ticket changes.

Maguire believes fans have the right to complain, but also defended Liverpool as a Premier League team that doesn’t take full advantage of it’s huge fanbase.

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I can understand it from the perspective of both parties,” Maguire told Football Insider.

Liverpool could easily charge more than an extra £1 per match and they still would’ve sold every season ticket.

On the other hand, Spirit of Shankly is well aware of the cost of living challenges in the UK, especially in an area of significant social deprivation.

Both parties have some validity to their actions – Liverpool are not revenue maximisers when they come to matchday income, there’s plenty more they could squeeze out of fans.

They could easily cut season tickets from 27,000 to 15,000 and could sell those extra tickets on a match-by-match basis at a much higher price point.

But I think there are good people at Liverpool that understand this and not everyone at the club sees it as a cash cow.

In other news, Liverpool on course to land £96m jackpot.