By Kieran Maguire

13th Nov, 2022 | 8:10am

Kieran Maguire: 'Sneaky' Tottenham will not be happy as £170m talks scheduled

Kieran Maguire has claimed Tottenham are “inherently opposed” to a ‘New Deal for Football’ in which money is distributed down the football pyramid. 

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the football finance expert said the “sneaky six clubs” involved in the failed European Super League last year “want more money for themselves.”

As revealed by The Times’ Martyn Ziegler (8 November), the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ have voted against a proposal to reform English football.

However, the remaining 14 top-flight clubs outvoted them to hand the Premier League a mandate to hold talks with with the FA and EFL over the ‘New Deal for Football’.

A new deal will amend English football’s wealth distribution system with around £170million expected to be given to the EFL.

When asked by Football Insider if Spurs and the rest of the ‘Big Six’ were wrong to vote against the new deal, Maguire said: “All clubs act in self-interest.

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“It is of no surprise to see Spurs voting against the ‘New Deal for Football’.

“The reason for that is that the additional funding would have come not only from Premier League money but also from the prize money that is generated through Europe.

“The sneaky six clubs who tried to set up the Super League want more money for themselves. Anything that sees money distributed from the rich to the poor they are inherently opposed to.”

In other news, a source has revealed Tottenham sensation Alfie Devine is in talks to agree agree a move on 1 January.