By Dr Dan Plumley

7th Nov, 2022 | 3:57pm

Finance guru: This is 'where power really lies' as Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp takes 'potshot'

It is odd for Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to take a potshot at journalists over the World Cup in Qatar when FIFA is “where the power really lies.

That is the view of finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the German manager’s controversial recent comments.

As quoted by talkSPORT last Saturday (5 November), Klopp claimed in reference to the mid-season tournament in the Middle East: “We all, you [journalists] more than I, let it happen 12 years ago.”

The 55-year-old believes more should have been written about corruption and human rights issues when Qatar was awarded the World Cup in 2010.

The tournament begins on 20 November and ends on 18 December, with Liverpool resuming their season on Boxing Day against Aston Villa.

Plumley admitted he was baffled that Klopp aimed his frustration regarding the tournament at journalists rather than at FIFA.

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“It’s a strange one to see these comments,” the Sheffield Hallam University expert told Football Insider’s Adam Williams.

“There has been a lot of media coverage around it, or at least I have seen and read a lot. So, for him to take a potshot in this manner is a bit odd.

“If we strip this back all the way, who decides where the tournament is held? It’s FIFA. They are the governing body and the final decision rests with them.

“That’s the situation we are looking at. It comes down to this in terms of governance and where the power really lies.”

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