Kieran Maguire: Liverpool dodge 'big fine' as official Uefa probe underway

Liverpool could have been facing a “big fine” if they had remained committed to the European Super League.

That is according to finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after Uefa began proceedings against the three remaining ESL sides.

The governing body released a statement last Tuesday revealing that disciplinary action is being considered against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Liverpool dropped out of the controversial breakaway league in April amid overwhelming pressure from fans, players and the media.

Maguire claims they have dodged a bullet and that they would be facing hefty sanctions had they stuck to their guns in the ESL.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “This one is going to run and run. The only winners here are going to be the lawyers.

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“I think Uefa would like to make an example of the three remaining rebels. I think it’s likely to be a big fine rather than being excluded from the Champions League.

“Real Madrid were still in this year’s Champions League and the competition is better for having those teams in it. They add to the overall spectacle.

“So instead they will be fined. All the Super League teams are being ducked five per cent of their European revenues so it might be something extra on top of that. 

“In terms of the English clubs, the numbers aren’t significant enough to do any serious damage to them.

“Football fans do have a short memory. English clubs like Liverpool have come out of this, certainly not with enhanced reputations, but without the same degree of criticism as some of their European counterparts.”

In other news, Liverpool star to undergo medical at top European club today.