By Alan Hutton

14th Nov, 2022 | 5:41am

Liverpool news: Refs told to sort it out as expert analyses controversial Trent Alexander-Arnold footage

Alan Hutton has insisted refereeing decisions need to be more consistent after Trent Alexander-Arnold was not penalised for Liverpool against Tottenham on Sunday (6 November).

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former Tottenham and Aston Villa right-back suggested that referees should discuss the weeks’ incidents to ensure they are all on the same page about decisions.

As shown on Sky Sports (6 November), Alexander-Arnold appears to push Ryan Sessegnon off the ball in the Reds’ penalty area.

Despite Spurs’ furious penalty claims, referee Andy Madley let play continue.

As shown on Sky Sports (5 November), Man City’s Joao Cancelo was sent off and Fulham were awarded a penalty for a similar challenge.

Hutton suggested a potential solution to inconsistencies in refereeing.

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Much like footballers when you play a game, good, bad or indifferent you sit down and analyse it,” he told Football Insider.

I do not know what the referees do but that would be my suggestion. You take all these situations, you replay them all and you work through them and try and get to a place where most people are coming up with the same answers. That is how you get consistency.

I thought the Cancelo one was a foul and a sending off, he did not really try and make an effort for the ball. So I think that was the right decision.

The Trent one, he has leaned on him with his hand and there is a little push, is it enough to knock him off? Possibly. But this is the thing, everyone is looking at it differently.

I think we all need to get on the same page to get the right outcome. That’s why they should look at them every week to get the referees better at it.

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