By Ben Dinnery

19th Sep, 2022 | 12:02pm

Medical insider can't believe behind-the-scenes Liverpool news - 'it's a recipe for disaster'

It would be nigh on impossible for Liverpool players to cover an average of 55km per week in training.

That is the view of medical expert Ben Dinnery, who runs the Premier Injuries site and has a background in injury and data analysis.

The Athletic reported last Friday (16 September) that Jurgen Klopp’s squad runs 55km in an average week of training.

But research from sports fitness expert and Liverpool fan Simon Brundish, made public via Twitter on the same day The Athletic article was published, shows that the average figure is just 34km.

The highest number of any of the clubs Brundish canvassed was 39km, while the lowest was 28km.

Dinnery explained that he would be inclined to believe Brundish over The Athletic.

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“I’m going to default back to Simon Brundish here,” he told Football Insider’s Adam Williams.

“He is highly respected and very much in the know when it comes to strength and conditioning. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to training loads, intensity levels and distance covered.

“He has a lot of contracts across elite-level teams in Europe. Of the responses that he got, the highest was 39km, which is way below the figures quoted in The Athletic.

“When you design your sessions, they are often structured around high-intensity, high-speed running.

“He basically says that the numbers are not even realistic in terms of what they could hope to get out of players given the current schedule. It would be a recipe for disaster in terms of risk to players. It would be inconceivable.

“So, I have to bow down to Simon here. This is his bread and butter.

“They have been looking at the numbers for a long, long time. If he is suggesting that the players couldn’t cover anywhere near those distances, I know who I would tend to believe.”

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