Kieran Maguire Exclusive: Potential £300m Man United windfall revealed in 'Small Print' doc

Manchester United would land a jawdropping £300million windfall just for joining a European Super League – and could use that money to redevelop Old Trafford.

That is according to finance expert and new Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after the latest round of Super League talks.

United and Liverpool were among the clubs engaged in recent discussions over the proposed pan-continental competition.

FIFA and UEFA have expressed fierce opposition to the elite division which would replace the Champions League and run concurrently with domestic leagues.

But Maguire says United stand to make enormous profits from the competition, both in terms of an initial sign-up fee and subsequent year-on-year payments, and that could be the reason the Glazers have delayed renovating Old Trafford.

He told Football Insider: “Financially, for the six clubs that have been mentioned in the latest iteration, all of them will benefit significantly because they will be paid a joining fee and that could be up to £300m. That’s a massive reason they are in favour.

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“I suspect that part of the reason that the Glazers have spent diddly-squat on upgrading Old Trafford is that they are hoping someone else is going to pay for it.

“If you take a look at the small print of Project Big Picture, it was quite clear that this was one of the things embedded into that which no one picked up on.

“So you get a huge joining fee and its estimated that they will get between £130m to £210m a year from this league. If you win the Champions League, you get about £100m.

“United got knocked out in the group stage this year and they would have made about £40m.

“On top of that, there will be more home matches taking place, so more matchday revenue.”

United supporters groups are among those to have signed a statement from Football Supporters Europe calling a potential Super League “unpopular, illegitimate and dangerous.”

Fan representatives from all of the so-called Big Six have joined United in signing, alongside 139 other supporters groups throughout Europe.

In other news, Derby County have signed a Manchester United youngster on loan until the end of the season.