Newcastle United told Premier League wrong after Saint-Maximin news

By Keith Hackett

2nd May, 2022 | 5:36pm

Newcastle United news: Ex-Fifa official swipes at Premier League after Allan Saint-Maximin controversy

Keith Hackett has swiped at the Premier League for banning Allan Saint-Maximin for wearing a colourful headband while playing for Newcastle United.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee insisted the Premier League have better things to worry about like ensuring official’s kits do not clash with those of teams.

The Sun reported last month (20 April) the authorities had written to Newcastle to remind them of the FA’s strict kit regulation.

Saint-Maximin, 25, donned a black, white and gold headband during his side’s 2-1 win over Leicester City last month (17 April).

In recent games, he has reverted back to a more basic black and white garment, including in the 1-0 loss to Liverpool on Saturday (30 April).

“Just about everybody has got away with that.

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“On the scale of 1-10, where is its importance? Are we now saying that players can’t have red hair or yellow hair and it has to be the same as club colours?

“What’s more important is that there are only five shirt colours on the pitch and the referee’s shirt is not the same colour as the goalkeeper’s. All those things are relatively more important.

“There are regulations and ultimately I guess some guy in an office has suddenly decided they have to do something about it.”

Saint-Maximin has scored five times and contributed four assists in 32 Premier League games this term.

The Frenchman has not scored since mid-January but provided an assist in the 3-0 win over Norwich City last week (23 April).

In other news, Kieran Maguire has told the authorities to ‘keep an eye’ on Newcastle United as new transfer details emerge.